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Our Services

Providing a variety of cleaning services.

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence.

We provide proffesional cleaning services designed to keep your home sparkling & beautiful so that you can focus on things that realy matter!

Regular Cleaning

Just some examples of priority areas your maid can focus on:

Living room: Dust all decorations, polish the interior side of windows, vacuum and mop the floor, wipe all skirting boards & furniture, and empty the bins;

Kitchen: Wash the dishes, wipe and polish all surfaces, clean the floor, and polish the interior of microwaves, ovens, extractors, hot plates, fridges, and other appliances;

Hallway: Dust all pictures and light switches in sight, remove dust from furniture, clean the floor, wipe the skirting boards, and refresh the front door;

Bedroom: Clean and polish all surfaces, change the bedding, dust the bed frame, wipe the window blinds, clean all doors and handles, and refresh the floor;

Bathroom: Clean the bathroom sink and taps, polish all tiles, scrub the bath and the shower cabin, wipe the bathroom radiator, and disinfect the toilet bowl.

Regular Cleaning
One-Off Cleaning

One-Off Cleaning

Transforming your property into a neat and tidy one can be done in four simple steps 

Step 1: Use our user-friendly contact form to book an appointment online for a day and time that best suit your needs.

Step 2: The experts will inspect your premises and get down to deep cleaning. In case the team thinks that time is insufficient, they will inform you on-site.

Step 3: The spring cleaning team will use a custom-tailored checklist to meticulously refresh your property one room after another.

Step 4: Once your one-off session ends, the specialists will ask for your feedback and will then depart, leaving you with a thoroughly refreshed property.

Sofa, Rug & Carpet

Even if you are not sure exactly what type of carpets and rugs you have, your technician will examine them and determine the best way to clean them.

Synthetic/Mixed Fibre
For the majority of carpeting, we use hot water extraction cleaning, also known as steam cleaning. This is the most advanced and effective deep carpet cleaning method recognised by professionals worldwide and it is great for stain cleaning. And if it can’t clean a spot from a carpet, then nothing will.

Delicate/Natural Fibre
And what about that lavish hand-knotted oriental rug you keep in front of the fireplace? Well, rug cleaning is something we can help you with as well. When the carpet technician examines your items, he will determine if they should be dry cleaned or not.

Window Cleaning
Landloard & Tenancy

Landloard & Tenancy

What does our Landloard & Tenancy service include? 

A team of cleaners - our tenancy cleaning service will be done by fully equipped & insured technicians.

Working as many hours as needed - this service is not hourly based. The technicians will will clean following a comprehensive checklist until the property is left in the most presentable state. .

Special detergents - the end of tenancy cleaners use professional products (not commercially available) from leading UK suppliers, to achieve maximum results.

Deep oven cleaning - our dip-tank oven valeting service is included in each end of tenancy cleaning services.

72-hour guarantee - to ensure that you will get your bond back, we offer to re-clean the property free of charge if your landlord is not happy with the clean.

Key pick up upon request - to ease both landlords and tenants, the cleaners can pick up the keys from somewhere near the address.

Landloard & Tenancy Plus

For even better results, you can book!

A team of cleaners - our tenancy cleaning service will be done by fully equipped & insured technicians.

Hot water extraction (steam cleaning)
For even better results, consider including this deep cleaning procedure to your service. It is done with professional equipment that leaves the treated items nearly dry. We use this technology for carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and curtains cleaning.

Wall spot cleaning
This is an additional cleaning procedure that you can order in advance. However, keep in mind that some spots on walls are actually considered as damage and can only be fixed by a painter.


Moving away? Do it for less! 

Exterior Window Cleaning: To make the property appear even better in the eyes of your landlord.

Deep Mattress + Upholstery cleaning: We use high-performance deep cleaning equipment to remove common household stains.

Removals: Since your tenancy has come to an end, we can actually help you move out.

Handyman: If the property has suffered any damages, then we can send a fully equipped and insured tradesman to render you professional assistance.

Garden Clearance: If your rented property has a garden or some green spaces surrounding it, then your contract might require you to get those back in good shape.

Window Cleaning
Landloard & Tenancy

Landlord & Agencies

Hassle-free Rental Care.

Samsun Cleaning is the one-stop shop for all property needs. So when you are preparing your property for new tenants, in addition to the tenancy cleaning, consider booking:

Tradesmen: To repair or install something, or even repaint a room.

Pest control: Have your property professionally treated against pest insects and rodents.

Gardening: We can send fully equipped gardeners to take care of your garden.

Q: How long will the service take?

A: Depending on the number of rooms in addition to their condition, if any additional services needs to take place. The service is usually unlimited in the time the cleaners work until the job is complete.

Q: Do I have to meet the cleaners in person?

A: You can always have somebody else to meet the professionals for you. Just grant this person full property access to do so that the cleaners can begin work on time and as soon as possible.

Q: Can you do it while I’m still at the property?

A: Unfortunately Not' This would invalidate our 72-hours guarantee. In case you need only specific areas cleaned, we suggest that you book a one-off service instead.

Q: How many cleaners can I expect to arrive?

A: Samsun Cleaning usually dispatch teams of 2 or 3 cleaners, depending on the size of the givin property. The specialists have everything required to start work.

Q: Can you provide after tenancy cleaning if I’m moving in?

A: We will gladly help you refresh your new home as long as you haven’t left any personal belongings inside. You also need to have your fridge and freezer defrosted 24 hours in advance.

Q: Do you work on weekends?

A: Yes' Samsun Cleaners are available seven days a week including bank holidays. You can always schedule morning and afternoon appointments, or request a same-day service if required.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows on the ground level up to the 4th storey

No streaks guarantee - using only purified wate

Same- and next-day appointments available

Insured cleaners, trained by the latest British Health and Safety regulations

Window Cleaning
With Samsun Cleaning, The stains from last night’s rain doesn’t require any action on your part. Our specialist will carry everything required, to refresh your windows from top to bottom. You don’t even have to meet the team on-site – just reserve a parking space within 30 metres from your property to benefit from a professional window cleaning service that is:

Eco-friendly: This external window cleaning procedure will use only purified water, which will absorb all smudges in its path without leaving any streaks behind;

Safe: Thanks to the water-fed extension pole, the cleaner can easily reach any windows and sills up to the fourth storey without resorting to ladders or cherry pickers;

Convenient: The professional can easily treat sash and bay windows, UPVC French doors, cladding, conservatory roofs, and much more without disturbing your privacy;

Reliable: This service is accredited by the Federation of Window Cleaners and we have assigned several quality control managers to ensure each job is done by the book.

Step 1: The cleaner will start by attaching the extension pole to the water pump.

Step 2: The liquid will be then released under high pressure from a special brush head attachment, which will be moved across the entire window surface to treat all stubborn stains.

Step 3: After repeating this process twice and using the brush itself to scrub off any remaining spots, the specialist will let the water evaporate on its own.

This will create a protective condition that will keep your window panes dust- and dirt-free for much longer than any traditional cleaning methods currently in use.

Step 4 (optional ): Upon request, the professional can also wash your windows from the inside. For this, the cleaner will use squeegees and purified water and will stay for as much as needed to erase all stains from existence.

Safe Family

The Leaders in removing 99% of all known bacteria, fungi & common viruses.

Make yourself feel right at home once more

Depending on your preferences, your one-off domestic cleaning session may cover the entire property or focus on a specific area, such as your bathroom and kitchen, and also offer extras.

This is essentially a meticulous room by room cleaning. If you prefer, the cleaners can use the equipment that is already present at your property. In case you don't have the necessary tools or prefer the team to bring their own, they can do so for an small addition fee.

24/7 customer support: Call at any time to get answers & manage your bookings. 

Flexible schedule: The team can arrive on workdays, weekends, and bank holidays.

Reliable cleaners: All deep cleaning operatives are insured and have received thorough training.

Extra services: For a small fee, the experts can also do professional dip-tank oven cleaning, or upholstery cleaning & deep carpet cleaning.

Extra tasks: If time allows it, the operatives can also assist you with additional everyday tasks at no extra charge.

These include dishwashing, doing the laundry, and ironing your outfits.

For a bit extra, the cleaners can also scrub off sticky stains from your walls.

Our wall cleaning is not guaranteed as results will depend on the type of stain and the wall’s surface.

Pet Friendly


For your complete comfort, our regular cleaning services in and around London also include a list of extra tasks that your maid can do for you.

For instance, the cleaner can help you bring order to your wardrobe by folding and hanging all your clothes.Other similar tasks include polishing of silverware, watering the plants, doing ironing and laundry, or even feeding your pets.

However, keep in mind that this extra range of services does not include strenuous tasks, such as cleaning outdoor areas, looking after children, cooking meals, or moving heavy furniture.

Samsun Cleaning also offers more specialised cleaning services performed by technicians, such as mattress cleaning, dip-tank oven cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, & more.

Please note: Depending on how many hours you’ve booked, some of the prioritised tasks above may not be completed due to insufficient time. Also, you either need to provide your regular cleaner with detergents and cleaning equipment or request for them to bring what’s necessary.


Book a Samsun Cleaning service for your in less than 30 seconds.

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